Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - Where to Find the Storyteller (2023)

Every role-playing game has a healthy population of non-player characters (NPCs) to improve the immersion factor of the story and help the protagonist out with some useful information or funny dialogue. Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous has several of these types of characters. Some of them can be recruited as party members, others serve the hero as advisors, colleagues, friends, or vendors.

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The Storyteller is a recurring NPC that fills a few of these roles, and despite how important he is to a variety of events and quests, sometimes he can be difficult to track down. When it feels like this character has dropped off the map, there are a few reliable places to look in order to find him. There are always clues if the player has the time and patience to talk to as many other NPCs as possible.

Who Is The Storyteller?

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What's the real identity of this person and why does the protagonist care? That's actually a part of the mystery and motivation of pursuing him. Nobody really knows who or what he is.

The Storyteller is an Elf, and the game makes that abundantly clear with a detailed description of him, but he's ancient beyond belief. Elves retain their youthful countenance for thousands of years, the lore notes, so in order for this old fellow to look so grizzled says something about how long he's been wandering around Golarion.

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There's an ongoing fetch quest that starts in the first chapter called "Notes for the Storyteller." The party will come across random pieces of paper in their travels that will look plain with the simple title "Elvish notes." If these find their way back to the Storyteller, he reveals more of his ancient and often checkered past.

Where Is The Storyteller?

Searching The City Ruins

The effort to retake Kenabras has several different steps, and one of them is to find the Storyteller. At first, the only clue that the Pathfinder player is given is that he must be somewhere in the ruins of Kenabras. This is a nice bit of foreshadowing for future dealings with this character. In each chapter of Wrath of the Righteous, the Storyteller is in a different location and it's not always clear where or how to find him.

Blackwing Library

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After exploring the city and crossing the canyon that blocks the way through what's left of the town square, there's a place called Blackwing Library. Irabeth in Defender's Heart mentions it as part of the "Common Cause" quest, which requires the player to seek out and recruit allies and mark it on the map.

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There's a lot to do here, including either recruiting some Crusaders or killing their imposters depending on the timing, and looting the shelves for some handy items. This is also where the Storyteller first appears, and it's a fairly dramatic entrance.

Defender's Heart

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After the Storyteller is rescued from Blackwing Library, he's given a comfy seat in the relative safety of Defender's Heart. This makes him much easier to find, and once he's here the protagonist can start a dialogue with him about a number of different subjects.

It's at this point that the Storyteller can examine other items in the party's Common Stash and reveal the mysteries behind them. These include, but are not limited to, other old artifacts that turn up in the course of the adventure, the talking sword Finnean, and the remains of the city's defender, the silver dragon Terendelev.

The Crusader Camp

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With Kenabras retaken, the Storyteller will move to the Crusader Camp where the player can find him and talk to him with many of the same dialogue choices as in Defender's Heart. However, he won't be there for very long. As soon as the army advances and the camp moves, he disappears, and word of him doesn't come to the party again until they reach Drezen.

The road to Drezen is littered with different locations of varying importance and detail. Expect to pick up some ancient, unknown items that might look like junk at first. Don't drop or sell these items until the Storyteller can examine them, and since he doesn't appear again until Drezen and storage space is limited, this could be a challenge.

Artisan's Tower

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The Storyteller is absent from the story until the siege of Drezen has completed and the city is orderly enough for the Half-Measure Tavern to open again. Visit to have a friendly chat with the barkeep or to buy a Pathfinder recipe and while you're there, look for a Dwarf named Greybor. The party already came in contact with him while attacking Estrod Tower in the previous chapter.

This time, instead of demons, Irabeth tells the hero that a dragon needs to be dealt with. Greybor is an expert for hire and you can find him relaxing at the inn. He must be in the party in order to track the dragon that's been harassing the army, and eventually, the trail leads to the Artisan's Tower, a location that's not accessible until Drezen is safely under Crusader control.

It turns out that the Storyteller has some ancient connection to this place and in the process of looking for his old books and papers, he ran afoul of the dragon. What artifacts survive this encounter hinges on whether or not the dragon lives or escapes, and both options are possible.

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Upon being rescued from the malicious dragon, the Storyteller returns to Drezen, where sets up a comfortable spot outside of the citadel. It's at this point that the player can come to him for consultation on mysterious artifacts, other dragon remains, and other ancient pieces of paper written in ancient Elvish script.

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Opening a dialogue at this point with the Storyteller gives the player some new choices depending on the content of their inventory. If they're carrying an item of interest, an option will appear to ask about it. Artifacts can't be restored without other required materials, and the Storyteller will list what's needed if the player doesn't have it yet.

Why Look For the Storyteller?

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The Storyteller is an important character in Wrath of the Righteous and seeking him out isn't always optional. There's no obligation to keep visiting him after he's been saved. If the player ignores him, however, they'll miss out on a lot. This refers not only to the Artifact collection but also includes essential parts of the story and even one of the hidden Mythic Paths.

  • Scales of Terendelev. Bring the Storyteller the scales of Terendelev, which are found underneath the city under various bits of rubble, and he'll recount her epic backstory.
  • Claw of Terendelev. Find this claw in Leper's Smile and the Storyteller will direct you to Terendelev's Lair, where the Golden Dragon Mythic Path is unlocked.
  • Ancient Elvish Texts. "Notes for the Storyteller" is a quest that never ends. The player can give these papers to the old Elf no matter when they find them.
  • The Artifacts. After Kenabras is secured, the party starts to travel along the long road to Drezen, and they find several mysterious treasures along the way. Only the Storyteller can identify some of these items and start the restoration process.
  • Finnean the Talking Weapon. If the Storyteller seems strange, then you need to meet Finnean. The Storyteller can also help reveal some of his tragic tales provided you're carrying the weapon when talking to him.

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Where can I find storyteller Pathfinder? ›

With Kenabras retaken, the Storyteller will move to the Crusader Camp where the player can find him and talk to him with many of the same dialogue choices as in Defender's Heart.

Where is the storyteller in camp Wrath of the Righteous? ›

The Storyteller Locations in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. In Act 1 of the campaign, you must head to Drezen, to the Half Measure Tavern, and talk to Greybor. Complete his quest, which ends at the Artisan's Tower.

Where can I find the storyteller in drezen? ›

You need to find him via Dragon Hunt Quest first. Afterwards he is on the second highest level in Drezen, close to the Citadel.

Where are the storytellers notes in the gray Garrison? ›

During your assault on the Gray Garrison, you can find the Elven Notes in the library on the second floor.

How do you get the storyteller badge? ›

How Do You Get a Visual Storyteller Badge?
  1. Running a visual campaign.
  2. Building a community.
  3. Sharing a collection of photos.
  4. Sharing fan-generated content.
  5. Adding stellar captions to images.
  6. Let your fans see what's behind the curtain.

Where is the Sand People storyteller? ›

The Storyteller was a male Tusken Raider, living in the Sand People's enclave outside Anchorhead on Tatooine, during the Jedi Civil War. He was particularly white dressed, which was unusual among the Sand People.

Where is the storyteller in Act II? ›

Lastly, proceed to Artisan's Tower. Once you arrive in Artisan's Tower, head through until you find a golden, circular mechanism in the floor (oh, and a red dragon). Go down the winding staircase and you'll spot a guy standing next to a blue tent. That's the Storyteller.

Can you romance in wrath of the righteous? ›

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous offers a variety of races and genders available to romance. Players can start an intimate relationship with a total of six companions and a special NPC. The available options will depend on the gender of the main character, so players should keep that in mind when starting out.

How many hours of gameplay is Pathfinder wrath of the righteous? ›

Main Story851h 39m
Main + Extras103136h 45m
Completionist14219h 31m
All PlayStyles125140h 34m

Who is the storyteller in Pathfinder? ›

Lore. An ancient elf from the elven homeland Kyonin, going under the alias "Storyteller".

How do you expose Nurah Pathfinder? ›

First you need to notice the rag in your backpack after killing the boss in Leper's smile. Then you need to go inside Nura's tent and notice the perfume by going inside her tent after Lepers smile.

Where can I find Jannah aldori? ›

Yes, its in the market square area. You need to construct the bridge, cross to the other side, make the atheltics check, continue along the road (freeing the acting troope and killing some ghouls), move into the amphitheater, encounter the demon who is raising ghouls, then continue in that direction.

Is the storyteller Staff good? ›

In all tests, the poison from the Storyteller's Staff did, at minimum, nearly three times the damage of all other Poisons, and scaled up rapidly to nearly four times the damage against bosses.

Is the rising star badge permanent? ›

The Rising Talent badge is displayed for a limited time only.

Should you give Griff credits? ›

Now no matter what he says don't give him a single credit, as you won't get any benefit from doing so, no extra XP, credits, LSP or DSP at all. Nothing good comes from giving him a single cent so don't do it! Anyways leave the building and re-enter and Garm will talk to you saying that Griff has left.

How do I get to the Sand People Enclave? ›

Additionally, you can gain access to the Sand People's lair by stealing the garbs of dead Sand People. HK-47 can be bought at the droid shop in Anchorhead, but he's expensive. If you're going Dark Side with the following mission, you won't need him anyway.

How do I get HK-47? ›

Players will find HK-47 aboard the Ebon Hawk, unlocking a quest to find the parts and complete him. It takes some time to do no matter what, but should they pick up the first two parts in the opening sections of the game and travel to the right planet afterward, they'll be using HK47 for a good chunk of the game.

Where does the storyteller take place? ›

The main setting of ''The Storyteller'' is in a railway carriage. Three young children are with their aunt, and they are very bored. She tries to tell them a story, but they don't like it. Then the bachelor who shares the car with them tells his own story, which the children much prefer.

Where does wrath of the righteous take place? ›

Wrath of the Righteous is the thirteenth campaign to grace the pages of the Pathfinder Adventure Path series, and ran from August 2013 through to January 2014. It is set in the Worldwound and deal with the armies of Deskari.

Can you kiss Arueshalae? ›

The author of this thread has indicated that this post answers the original topic. Sounds like OP is talking about the final quest, in which case yes, you do kiss her if you're romancing her.

Can you romance camellia as a woman? ›

You must be a man to romance Camellia. You can not be Aeon, Lich, or Swarm. Certain alignments and personalities will make for a more cohesive narrative, however any alignment will technically work.

Can you romance Harding as a female? ›

While not a romance option, she can be flirted with on several occasions and admits to having feelings for the Inquisitor after some time. While she says they can discuss it after defeating Corypheus, no such option becomes available after the final mission.

Why is Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous so hard? ›

Most spells or abilities in the game have limited uses.

Spells and abilities will recharge upon resting but each rest in Wrath of the Righteous makes the game more difficult thanks to a mechanic called corruption. It's a debuff that piles up with every camp rest.

What is the max level in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous? ›

What is the level cap in this game? 20 by default. The MC can get to 40 depending on a choice towards the end of the game.

Is Pathfinder wrath hard? ›

Difficulty is spiked and uneven through the game. Depends on your knowledge of the game, build, gear of course. But also enemies themselves are pretty different power-wise. There's lots of encounters when you feel too powerful but do not be fooled, there are encounters that will drive you insane.

Can you romance in Pathfinder? ›

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous allows players to romance some of their party members while battling demons and leading Crusades, but the player character's gender and choices influence which party members and NPCs are available to romance.

What is the best animal companion Pathfinder? ›

The leopard has been one of the best animal companions since the release of Pathfinder: Kingmaker and it's not hard to see why. This cool cat has a massive 21 Dexterity to begin with, three natural attacks, and a great 50-foot movement speed.

How do you unlock the secret ending in Pathfinder? ›

You Need To Complete 4 Research Projects.

If you've done all that, you'll encounter Areelu and complete a special ending path.

Can you save Irabeth in Iz? ›

It is possible that the death of Irabeth can be prevented only by retaining the title of commander (so that she does not end up in Iz).

Is Nurah the traitor? ›

One of the shocks of the game is that Nurah turns out to be a traitor and is responsible for the Vescavor attack, the Gargoyle attack, and a ruthless strategy for taking Drezen that will end up with you taking on multiple Minotaurs.

Is Camellia evil Pathfinder? ›

Camellia is absolute a chaotic evil person, and you can easily find out her alignment when leveling up.

Can you romance queen Galfrey? ›

The good news is that both male and female characters can romance Galfrey, which isn't the case for every possible romantic partner in Pathfinder. Queen Galfrey is the most interesting romance option because this path was only unlocked thanks to a big social push during the new Pathfinder's Kickstarter campaign.

How do you reveal the secret of Radagon statue? ›

Give the Prayerbook to Corhyn or Miriel, and learn the Law of Regression Incantation. The clue left outside the Statue of Radagon hints at this word - Regression - and simply casting the spell in front of the Statue reveals its secret.

Can you leave the gray Garrison? ›

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - Enhanced Edition

Now there's no way to leave Gray Garrison and get back to home base.

What class is Jamandi aldori? ›

Fighter 14

Where can I get Aranka? ›

The Desnan singer Aranka can be found at the Arendae Party House beside the Musician who is standing near the stage. She is unlikely to give herself away, but she can be found by looking out for signs of a highly talented singer and musician. Talk to her, and she'll give you the Aranka's Shawl quest item.

Who is aldori? ›

The Aldori swordlords, sometimes written Aldori Swordlords, arose when famed swordsman Baron Sirian Aldori agreed to train a select group of pupils in his dueling techniques. They ruled Rostland for generations, each as prickly and impulsive as the order's founder.

Where is the storyteller in Nexus? ›

The Storyteller can be found in Goodsprings around the shop.

Where is the elk Temple Pathfinder? ›

Temple of the Elk is a location in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.
Temple of the Elk
Region(s)North Narlmarches, Stolen Lands, River Kingdoms, Avistan
HuntingLore (Nature) DC 18
CamouflageStealth DC 13
7 more rows

How do you activate the storytelling quest? ›

Players must give Junkichi Literature Club (not the other two books), and this shall unlock Storytelling Method World Quest in Genshin Impact.

Where can I get Chivaro? ›

She's near the cluster of beggars in the lower city, IIRC it was in the Southern area of the map. Enter the lower city from the portal by Angel Boy in the Nexus and head towards the Tavern. You should run right into her.

How do I get into harem of ardent dreams? ›

Go to the end of the flesh markets, and rotate your camera until you see the other side move, and then stop as soon as it does, and it will move into place and you will be able to cross.

Can you have multiple relationships in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous? ›

It's worth pointing out that players will not be able to have multiple romance partners in Pathfinder: Wrath of The Righteous. After reaching Act 5, players will be required to choose one romance option.

What level should I be for Temple of the elk? ›

16-20, though in theory you could have a Barbarian have a 24 strength while raging at first level.

Can you romance in Pathfinder kingmaker? ›

Yes: there are a total of seven romance options in the main game, plus one more in Varnhold's Lot.

Where can I sell my token of the Dryad? ›

Do the Tokens go to him? You can 'sell' them to the Storyteller (the antiques guy) when you get your Barony, yes.


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