Fade VALORANT Guide: Tips & Tricks (2022) (2023)

Are you looking to improve at playing Fade in Valorant? Well, here’s our Fade Valorant agent guide, complete with tips and tricks to help you out.

Fade is the newest Valorant agent, and she’s definitely a scary one to face. Fade not only looks and feels terrifying, but her abilities are frightening, to say the least. Many people are claiming that she came straight out of a horror game and was put into Valorant to instill fear.

I’m sure that Riot is happy with how Fade turned out and the community’s reception of her. She has slowly made her way into the meta and can even replace the ever-so-important Sova pick in some Valorant maps.

With Fade being an amazing pick in the Valorant meta, you should definitely start to know the best ways to play as her and against her. Here’s our Fade Valorant agent guide to help you out.

A Complete Fade Valorant Agent Guide

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Fade is the 19th agent in the game and has an Initiator role. Initiators are usually the ones who start off fights or set their teammates up for success. These agents often have flashes to help blind enemies as the team enters or utility that can clear corners and other areas. Other Initiators in the game include Sova, KAY/O, Breach, and Skye.

To help you improve at Fade and dominate your opponents, we’ve developed a complete Fade Valorant agent guide. This guide will cover all of Fade’s abilities and some tips and tricks on the best ways to use Fade.

Fade’s Abilities

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The first part of our Fade Valorant agent guide is all about her different abilities in-game. This helps us better understand her as an agent and how to use her in Valorant. We’ll also include a few tips on properly using her skills so that you don’t waste them.

Prowler (C)

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Fade’s C ability is “Prowler.” Prowler has two charges and allows Fade to equip a Prowler that she can send forward. You can hold down the FIRE button to steer the Prowler or simply let it go in a straight line. Prowlers will chase down the first enemy it sees and nearsight them on impact. Prowlers also follow terror trails left by Fade’s other abilities.

The Prowlers are terrifying creatures that are made up of raw nightmares with a gas-like look. They are quite similar to Skye’s Trailblazer, except that they don’t give you vision. You can freely move while controlling Prowler, which makes it an excellent ability to use while entering a site.

Prowlers cost 250 each, lasts up to 3 seconds, have 100 health, and causes a 3.5s nearsight effect on impact.

Generally, you’d want to use Prowlers to check close corners, mainly because they don’t last that long. They can also easily be destroyed with a few gunshots, so sending them out in the open isn’t ideal.

Be careful when checking corners with Prowlers, though, as sometimes they can be dodged when you don’t correctly steer them towards a corner.

When terror trails are on the ground, you should let your Prowlers guide you instead of steering them. This can usually help you get easy kills on your opponents.

Seize (Q)

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Seize is an ability you can use to hold enemies in place. It’s a knot of raw fear that you can throw and drops down after a specific time. It explodes on impact creating an area of effect where nearby enemies get held down towards the middle. Enemies are deafened and decayed during this time.

Fade’s Seize ability costs 200 credits, lasts for 4.5s, and afflicts enemies with deafened and decays 75 HP that’s restored over 5 seconds.

Seize is a great way to delay rushes. It’s also a great tool to prevent plants or defuses as long as you can throw it early. You can also use Seize to set up early peeks at the start of rounds. It works best if you play Valorant with a friend and can have him peek off your utility. However, you can also peek off it yourself in certain situations.

Also, try to learn a lineup or two for each map since Seize can be used in many creative ways. Some of the best Valorant streamers have multiple lineups for each map, so you can always learn a thing or two by simply watching them.

Haunt (E)

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Fade’s signature ability is Haunt. Haunt allows Fade to equip a haunting watcher and throw it within an area. The watcher drops down after a specific time has passed and latches out on impact. Haunt reveals enemies within its line of sight and leaves terror trails following them.

Haunt acts very much like a Sova Recon Dart. Fade was actually created as an alternative agent to Sova. Riot wanted to give players a different agent who could compete with Sova and his information-gathering abilities. Thus, Fade was the answer.

Since Haunt is Fade’s signature ability, you get it free every round. It lasts 2 seconds, has 1 HP, and leaves a terror trail for 12 seconds. It also recharges every 40 seconds, meaning you can use it a few times every round.

Haunt can be effective in sites with wide areas. It’s great to use on maps like Ascent, Bind, and Haven, where you can clear a ton of angles using the skill.

For the most part, you can get away without having any lineups or Haunt. However, it can easily be destroyed with one bullet, so you’ll want to change the location of where you throw your Haunt every now and then. This ensures that enemies will have to at least track the trajectory of the skill before shooting it.

You can also throw Haunt on top of walls, boxes, and other items to make it harder to destroy. There are also tons of creative angles that you can use to scan wide areas.

Nightfall (X)

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Finally, we’re down to Fade’s ultimate ability, Nightfall. Fade equips the power of nightmare itself and unleashes a wave of unstoppable nightmare energy. Enemies hit with the wave are afflicted with terror trails and gain a deafened and decayed status.

Nightfall requires 7 ultimate orbs to charge, leaves a 12-second trail, deafens enemies, and afflicts a 75 HP decay restored over 12 seconds.

Nightfall is a very powerful ultimate when used correctly. It has a broad area of effect and can basically cover a whole site. It works similarly to Breach’s ultimate, where it slowly travels in waves.

The deafened and decayed statuses can make your enemies feel like sitting ducks. It doesn’t matter if they have one of the best headsets for Valorant; they still won’t hear a thing when afflicted with Fade’s ultimate.

This is what makes Fade’s ultimate so powerful. You can essentially rush a site without anyone knowing, and before the effects wear off, you’ve already planted the spike. Make sure to have someone follow the terror trails and kill off enemies while they are decayed.

You can also follow it up with Prowlers to ensure that your enemies are deafened, decayed, and nearsighted all at the same time. Just follow where the Prowler will lead you and collect your easy kills.

Best and Worst Times to Pick Fade in Valorant

Of course, you can’t pick Fade in every situation and on every map you play on. So for this section of our Valorant Fade guide, let’s talk about the best and worst times to pick Fade.

Best Times to Play Fade

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This next part in our Fade Valorant agent guide is all about the best times to play Fade. These situations will help you fully utilize Fade to her fullest extent and instill fear in your opponents.

When Your Team Needs an Initiator on Ascent, Bind, or Haven

One of the best times to pick Fade is obviously when you are playing on one of her best maps. Fade is one of the best Initiators in the game for gathering information. She rivals Sova and can find numerous enemies using her abilities.

Fade also provides a great way to enter sites with her ultimate, making her a great Initiator with a little bit of everything. This is why she’s a great pick on Ascent, Bind, and Haven. She also works great in the common team comps used in these maps, making her a pretty solid solo queue choice.

When You’re Duo-Ing With a Raze

Fade has great synergy with Raze. One of Raze’s deadliest abilities is her Paint Shells grenade. It can deal great chunks of damage to the enemy team and can even get you free kills when used correctly.

Fade’s Seize ability holds enemies in place and even decays and deafens if it makes contact. When playing with a Raze, you can throw your Seize and Paint Shell together and create chaos on the enemy’s side. This deadly combination is hard to counter, especially in tight areas.

You can also substitute Raze’s Paint Shells with Showstopper instead during rounds when it’s up. It’s best to use this combo at the start of the round, where most players often group up.

When There’s a Yoru or Omen on Your Team

Another great time to pick Fade is when you have a Yoru or Omen on your team. This is because both these agents can play off of Fade very well. One of Fade’s main gimmicks is the “deafen” effect. Enemies hit with this effect temporarily lose their hearing ability.

This is where Omen and Yoru come in. Both these agents have loud sound cues when using their abilities. Omen and Yoru are great at flanking or infiltrating enemy defenses because of their teleport abilities.

If Fade can deafen enemies on site, it makes Omen’s or Yoru’s jobs so much easier. They can easily teleport behind enemy lines and get kills before anyone knows what hit them.

Worst Times to Play Fade

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To help you out, we’ve gathered some tips on the worst situations to play Fade in Valorant. During these situations, you should try to avoid playing Fade at all costs, even if she’s your main agent. More often than not, it will lead to losses if you force-pick Fade in these scenarios.

When There’s Already a Sova on Your Team

It’s no secret that Fade was created as a Sova alternative. Riot is open about this because they think that Sova’s recon ability is too powerful and no other agent can replace him. Having Sova and Fade on the same team is redundant and unnecessary.

Although both agents bring other skills and abilities to the table, they’re still best at scanning enemies. You’re probably better off with a different Initiator like Breach or Skye because of the extra utility they bring to the table. Find what your team needs and try to pick an agent that fills that role.

When There Are Too Many Initiators

Having multiple Initiators in a single team can definitely work. Being blinded by Breach, disabled by KAY/O, and then scanned by Fade is an annoying way to die. However, you need to know when enough is enough.

There are four roles in Valorant and only five players per team. This means that only one role can be doubled, or you’ll have to play a game with one position missing.

Team comps with two Initiators are fine and actually work well. They work so well that many professional teams play two Initiator-team comps, depending on the map. However, anything more than that can be a disaster waiting to happen.

Unless you have specific strategies with a pre-made team, any team comp with more than two Initiators isn’t advisable. If your teammates in solo queue won’t budge, be the bigger person and play an agent that the team needs instead. I promise you’ll have more success filling than forcing a bad team comp.

When There Are No Duelists

The final situation where you shouldn’t play Fade is when there are no Duelists on your team. Fade is definitely an excellent agent to rush sites with and gather information. But, her skillset isn’t built for entering sites and checking corners.

You can definitely entry by using her Prowlers as bait, but this won’t always work out for you. Once your opponents figure out that you’re only using them as bait, they will no longer fall for it and swing you instead.

Fade is no Duelist and isn’t a good substitute for one. Even an agent like Breach or Chamber is better suited for the Duelist role than Fade is. Even though Fade has a good ultimate for rushing or pushing sites, you won’t always have that at your disposal.

Fade Guide – Tips and Tricks

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The next part of our Fade Valorant agent guide focuses on various tips and tricks that you can use when you have a Fade in your game. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing against a Fade or you have one on your team. We’ll have tips for all types of Fade that you can encounter.

Tips and Tricks for Playing as Fade

These tips are perfect for taking on the role of Fade herself. These are tips that you can use on any map and should fit any playstyle.

Use Your Prowlers as Bait

One good trick you can use as Fade is baiting your Prowlers. Generally, Prowlers can be used to check corners and other angles. However, since they afflict nearsight on impact, most players choose to destroy it. You can use this to your advantage.

To use your Prowlers as bait, you must let them go in first and then swing your opponent once you hear the shots flying. Each Prowler has 100 health, so it’s going to take at least a few shots before they’re destroyed. This gives you enough time to peek at your opponent and get a free kill.

You Can Drop Seize and Haunt Early

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You can drop your Seize and Haunt abilities early by pressing the skill again. This allows you to quickly drop your Seize or Haunt before it reaches its maximum limit. It can throw your opponents off guard and cause them to react a little bit slower.

You can use this great mechanic if you’re throwing these abilities in wide open spaces. Most players will follow the trajectory of the ability once they see it so that they can quickly react. They won’t expect the premature drop, allowing you to easily secure a scan or pull.

Learn Multiple Lineups

When playing as Fade, lineups aren’t strictly needed, unlike Sova. For the most part, you can get away with throwing your abilities over walls or straight up in the air. However, these are very easy to predict, making them very easy to destroy or run away from.

Learning a few lineups for each map allows you to unlock your game and take it to the next level. Most excellent Fade players have a couple of lineups up their sleeves. This will enable them to become unpredictable and throw their abilities from safe places while getting the most out of them.

Throw Your Haunt Ability in Unique Places

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Our final tip is to throw your Haunt into unique places. This can be on top of walls, boxes, towers, roofs, and other items within the game. Aside from being unpredictable and harder to counter, this is also a great way to scan larger areas than you normally would.

Haunt can scan everything within its line of sight. So as long as there isn’t anything covering your opponents, you should be able to scan them.

This tip also works hand-in-hand with the previous one. There are tons of lineups that you can learn that allow your Haunt to land in unique places. Sometimes you can even scan the entire site when thrown correctly.

Tips and Tricks for Playing With a Fade

These tips and tricks can be used when you have a Fade on your team. I know playing with a Fade isn’t as fun, but you can still capitalize on their skills and help your team to win.

Always Follow up When They Cast Nightfall

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One of the most annoying things when using Fade is when you’ve already cast your ultimate, and nobody followed it up. It ends up being wasted, and everyone you’ve hit gets to live another day.

Don’t be that guy. Fade’s ultimate is a great way to take control of the site and get easy picks. Everyone hit by the ultimate will be at half HP and deafened, so they’ll have no idea you’re coming. You’ll get some easy kills, and your Fade will be happy to get a few assists. Everyone wins.

Be Ready to Swing When They Cast Haunt or Seize

Another case of wasted utilities is when Haunt or Seize hits the target, but no one capitalizes on it. The worst thing in Valorant is wasting abilities. You’re just giving extra advantages to the enemy when you don’t capitalize on your teammates’ utility.

Seize holds everyone in place, allowing you to easily get some kills. Haunt is basically wall hacks; all you’ve got to do is aim. Make sure your aim training is on point, and be ready to swing when your ally Fade throws one of their abilities.

You can also set up early picks if you ask your Fade to throw a Seize at the start of the round. This is very useful, especially when you know that someone often peeks at that angle at the beginning of each round.

Wait for Your Fade to Use Their Abilities Before Entering Site

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Finally, make sure to wait for your Fade to do their thing before entering the site. One of the Initiator’s main jobs is to gather information. These agents were literally built for the role. Let them do their job and wait for them to use Haunt, Prowler, or Nightfall before you go rushing into the site.

If your Fade is taking too long to use their utility, you can nicely ask through comms if they can quickly throw it next time. Any type of utility is better than just going head-first into the site. Clearing angles as you go in is already hard enough as it is. Don’t make it harder by not waiting for your Fade to gather information first.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Against a Fade

I know how annoying it can be to play against a good Fade player. We’ve gathered these tips to help you manage an enemy Fade and counter them.

Follow the Trajectory of Fade’s Abilities

The best thing you can do to counter Fade’s abilities is to simply track them. This allows you to quickly react and shoot her Haunt ability or move out of the way from her Seize. Simply following the trajectory can go a long way, and often times than not will end up in Fade wasting her abilities.

Always Destroy Haunt and Prowler

Fade VALORANT Guide: Tips & Tricks (2022) (14)

Destroying Haunt and Prowler before they can do anything is another great counter to enemy Fade players. Haunt scans the area; if you kill it, they can still hear your gunshots but wouldn’t know your exact location. This also saves your other teammates from being scanned and revealed to the enemy.

Prowler inflicts nearsight on contact. The best thing you can do is to either hide from it or destroy it. Being afflicted with nearsight can give you a lot of trouble since your enemies can use this as an opportunity to rush you. Be careful, though, because the enemy Fade can still use it as bait.

Listen for Audio Cues

Our final tip for today is to listen to Fade’s audio cues. All of Fade’s skills have distinct deep and dark audio cues. Once you hear them, it signals that Fade used some of her utility, and that can help you get away or quickly react to them.

Although listening for audio cues is something that you should be doing in Valorant, regardless of whether there’s a Fade on the opposing team. It’s still something that you can do to counter Fade, especially since most of her sound cues are distinct. Once you hear her shouting, “face your fear!” you already know that you have to run away from her ultimate.

Best Maps for Fade in Valorant

Fade VALORANT Guide: Tips & Tricks (2022) (15)

Fade is viable on most maps. She’s a great all-around Initiator and can perform well on almost any map you use her on. However, there are still going to be maps where a different Initiator like a Sova or Breach is more valuable than a Fade. There are also a few maps where she excels and shows her true potential.

Note: We didn’t include Split since it’s currently out of rotation in the ranked map pool.

Ascent, Bind, and Haven

Ascent, Bind, and Haven are some of the best maps you can use Fade on. These maps offer a relatively small space with a wide area that she can easily cover with her Haunt and Nightfall abilities. You can also utilize the various items and boxes scattered around these maps since they serve as fantastic landing spots for Fade’s Haunt.

Additionally, Fade’s Prowler can clear a ton of angles for the maps while not wasting its short time traveling long distances. Her Seize ability can also be properly utilized because of the smaller entrances and paths within the maps.

Breeze and Fracture

Breeze and Fracture are kind of hit-or-miss. It’ll mostly depend on whether you have a good team comp. Although both maps have wide areas and can be covered by Fade’s Haunt, she isn’t that powerful because her Prowler and Seize can only be used in certain areas.

Because of the large sites on both maps, Fade’s ultimate doesn’t cover most of the site. This leaves you with a lot of other angles that you still have to check or use other abilities to clear. Sometimes, your team just needs a different Initiator other than Fade on these maps.

However, it’s worth saying that Fade can still absolutely work on these maps. Even professional teams use Fade, especially on Fracture. But, it’ll definitely depend on your team composition and will require a lot of teamwork to pull off.

Icebox and Pearl

Icebox and Pearl will mostly depend on how well you know Fade and the different lineups you learn. Both of these maps have unique lineups where it’s hard for enemies to hit Fade’s Haunt while still scanning most of the site.

Sometimes Fade can work great when in the right hands. She can also be used to substitute a Sova but works best when paired with another Initiator like KAY/O or Skye. Your success on these maps will mostly depend on how you play Fade and how you play with your team.


And just like that, you’ve reached the end of our Fade Valorant agent guide. Hopefully, you learned a few things about Fade that you can use to level up your game. When in the right hands, Fade is a terrifying agent, gameplay-wise and looks-wise.

Do you know a different Fade trick that wasn’t included in our Fade guide? Let us know in the comments.

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