827+ Houses for rent in Dwarka, Delhi - Flats for rent in Dwarka (2023)

The housing market in Dwarka is evolving at a rapid rate and is reckoned to be the Future Sub-City with exceptional connectivity to other localities of Delhi. Real estate developers have taken an interest in Dwarka as the locality has experienced a recent and flourishing infrastructural development. With Gurgaon as a neighbouring city, Dwarka has an increasing demand for rental properties, especially for professionals working close to the commercial city.

Rental housing is quite popular compared to any other nearby neighbourhood because of its excellent connectivity to Delhi and other NCR cities. With the upcoming projects in Dwarka Expressway, Dwarka as a locality has seen a surge in demand for properties both for sale and rent.

Rental Property Rates & Trends in Dwarka

Dwarka is attracting real estate developers as well as residents to invest in, buy, and rent properties in the locality. The metro rail is an added advantage which provides complete connectivity to the Dwarka sub-city to various localities of Delhi. Additionally, plans are being implemented, and as a result, it is anticipated that Gurgaon will be connected via Metro in the near future. This implementation will attract a large population of residents looking for rental properties in Dwarka.

Dwarka as a locality is one of the top localities to invest in, buy, and rent properties. One can find low-budget housing options up to high-end apartments with housing societies.

Average Floor Plans & Floor Sizes Available for Rent in Dwarka

Dwarka is currently home to approximately 2 lakh families. The majority of the housing in the Dwarka sub-city is composed of DDA flats and Co-operative Group Housing Societies (CGHS). The locality offers studio, 2, 3, and 4-BHK properties for rent in a range of unit sizes and floor plans. The DDA has also developed a range of housing projects for the city's low-income groups, economically weaker sections, and re-settlement populations. Furthermore, the rapidly expanding infrastructure, enhanced transit, and outstanding basic amenities are some of the additional key factors that have contributed to Dwarka's becoming the top destination for real estate investors.

The average rental price for a property in Dwarka starts as low as Rs. 5,000 for a floor size of 250 sq. ft. and increases to Rs. 95,000 with a carpet area of 3600 sq. ft. Dwarka, unlike other localities in Delhi, features spacious housing options. The location is laid out with ample space, avoiding overcrowding and compact properties.

Furnished / Fully-Furnished Rental Inventories in Dwarka

With a 6% markup in rental values in 2020, Dwarka was on the list of the best localities to live and purchase properties. Homebuyers began investing in Dwarka properties and putting them up for rent to make a high investment return.

Owners offer fully furnished properties for rent to tenants at affordable rates. A variety of configurations are available in Dwarka, such as studio and 1 to 4-BHK apartments, builder floors, and independent houses.

A fully furnished studio and 1-BHK apartment for rent in Dwarka starts at Rs. 5,500 and goes up to Rs. 24,000 with a carpet area ranging between 400 and 900 sq. ft. Areas such as Sector 7, Mahavir Enclave, Dwarka Mor, Sector 11, Sector 12, Sector 13 and Sector 4 feature furnished apartments.

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While a 4-BHK furnished apartment and builder floors are available for rent ranging from Rs. 21,000 to Rs. 95,000, covering a carpet area of 900 to 2150 sq. ft. One can find 4-BHK fully-furnished properties in areas such as sectors 7, 11, 18, and 19.

Premier Societies with Rentals Available in Dwarka

Besides the DDA flats and Co-operative Group Housing Societies, Dwarka also features top-end societies with housing options for rent. These apartment societies offer amenities, facilities, and connectivity to nearby sectors of Dwarka. The average rent price of these apartments is Rs. 70,000 and above.

Low Budget Rental Homes with No Brokerage in Dwarka

Most owner properties for rent in Dwarka offer fully furnished studio and 2-bedroom apartments without brokerage. The lowest rent price in Dwarka starts at Rs, 5,000 for a studio apartment, and the highest low-budget rental property will cost Rs. 10,000 in areas such as Dwarka Mor. Sector 16, Sector 14, and Mahavir Enclave.

Rental Properties in High-Rise Societies in Dwarka

As per demand and popularity, the best sectors of Dwarka are Sectors 4, 6, 7, 19, 22, and 24. The locality has exceptional connectivity to Gurgaon and Delhi airports. Dwarka features a few top residential projects such as Nahar Apartments, Dakshinayan Apartments, Golden Apartment, Golf View Apartment, Air Force and Naval Officers' Enclave, and Lords Apartments, among others. These areas are well connected by the efficient metro rail services.


Q1. What are the top societies to rent a home in Dwarka?

Ans: Dwarka as a locality is divided into numerous sectors with a range of housing options. The top societies in Dwarka to rent a home are:

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  • Air Force and Naval Officers Enclave – Sector 7
  • Brahma Apartments – Sector 7
  • Dakshinayan Apartments – Sector 4
  • Apoorva Apartments – Sector 5
  • Katyayani Apartments – Sector 6
  • Shahjahanabad Apartments – Sector 11
  • Rama Apartments – Sector 11
  • Rashtrapati BCA Apartments – Sector 10
  • Nav Sansad Vihar – Sector 22
  • Naval Technical Officers CGHS- Sector 22

Q2. How can I find a property for rent in Dwarka without brokerage?

Ans: One can find properties for rent without a brokerage on real estate websites that offer direct enquiry and discussion with the property owner.

Q3. How many 1-BHK properties are available for rent in Dwarka?

Ans: There are 120 plus 1-BHK properties available for rent in Dwarka. One can find studio and 1-RK apartments with different furnishings, such as fully furnished, semi, and unfurnished.

Q4. How many 2-BHK properties are available for rent in Dwarka?

Ans: Dwarka offers 600 plus 2-BHK properties for rent in different configurations such as apartments, independent houses, and builder floors.

Q5. How many 3-BHK properties are available for rent in Dwarka?

Ans: There are 450 plus 3-BHK properties available for rent in Dwarka. One can find apartments in cooperatives, builder floors, and independent houses at affordable rental prices.

Q6. How many 4-BHK properties are available for rent in Dwarka?

Ans: Dwarka has over 50 plus 4-BHK properties available for rent in Dwarka in different furnishings such as fully furnished, semi, and unfurnished.

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Q7. What is the rent price range of builder floors in Dwarka?

Ans: The rent price of builder floors in Dwarka ranges between Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 91,000.

Q8. What is the price range of renting a house in Dwarka?

Ans: The price range for renting a property in Dwarka ranges between Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 95,000 depending on the property type and the location.

Q9. What is the rent price of a flat in Dwarka?

Ans: The rent price of an apartment in Dwarka ranges from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 95,000.

Q10. Which is the best place to rent property in Dwarka?

Ans: Dwarka is one of the most popular localities in Delhi for rental properties. Some of the areas that offer affordable rental prices are Sector 7, Sector 11, Sector, 15, Sector 4, Dwarka Mor, and Mahavir Enclave.

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Q11. How many ready-to-move properties for rent are available in Dwarka?

Ans: Dwarka offers 230 plus ready-to-move properties for rent, ranging from Rs. 5,500 to Rs. 95,000.

Q12. Is it possible to rent a commercial property in Dwarka?

Ans: Yes, Dwarka has a range of commercial properties available for rent, such as shops, office spaces, and warehouses. The rent price for a commercial property ranges between Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 17.5 lakhs.

Q13. How can I find owner properties for rent in Dwarka?

Ans: To find owner properties for rent in Dwarka, visit Square Yards’ website to get directly in touch with the property owner for enquiry and discussion. There is a range of owner properties available depending on the budget and property type.

Q14. How can Square Yards help you find the best real estate agents for renting residential flats online?

Ans: Square Yards features a directory of properties posted by real estate agents offering a variety of residential properties for rent. Depending on the preferred budget, one can find properties with a range of specifications and unit sizes. To view numerous rental residential properties, visit the Square Yards website.


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