20 Best Fun Party Games for Kids to Have an Amazing Time (2023)

If you’re hosting a fun event for children with activities, then you need the right party games for kids to keep things interesting. Kids of all ages should be able to enjoy these games and have a great time being fully engaged. Keeping their favorite snacks, letting them run around, and selecting games that teach them collaborative play, are some of the top ways that you can make it more memorable for kids.

Let’s explore the best party games that you can have kids play.

Outdoor Party Games for Kids’ Excitement, Quick-Thinking, and Energy

20 Best Fun Party Games for Kids to Have an Amazing Time (1)

1. Themed Treasure Hunt

Scavenger hunts are some of the best party games for kids, as they can be personalized or have a unique reward at the end. You can start with a theme, like pirates, superheroes, or adventurers, and design a mystical world full of treasure and puzzles.

2. Dance Charades

Kids can be given clues about famous songs, video games, or their favorite movie characters, and act them out through dancing. They can also choose a lifeline and ask parents to join in.

3. Full-Scale Tic-Tac-Toe

Classic party games for kids that are played at a larger scale are always more fun. Parents can line their backyard and make a giant three-by-three grid with some cloth and tape. Kids can find objects around the yard that contain the letters “o” representing “O”, and “x” representing “X”. This makes the game a challenge of English and logic.

4. Sleepy Lions

When the fun and excitement is getting out of hand, parents can ask their kids to play sleepy lions. Kids must remain still and motionless, pretending to sleep, as someone walks around trying to make them laugh.

5. Finding the Partner

This game involves writing names of famous couplings on pieces of paper and having kids find their matching partner. E.g., Batman & Robin, Micky & Minnie mouse, etc.

6. Guess the Flavor

Kids can be blindfolded and given bites of different types of food, such as carrots, broccoli, chocolate cake, and oranges. They can work in teams and can guess only after they’ve tasted everything in order.

7. Put on a Show

Kids of all ages can participate in a talent show that they can produce and showcase. Kids get 30 minutes to find out each other’s talents, with some coloring a paper stage and others finding props for performers to wear.

8. Frisbee/Football Toss

Parents can design a mini-challenge course in which kids can toss a frisbee or a football at a target or into a box. Kids that come closest to the object win 10 points, with each child getting five tries.

9. Water Balloon Toss

Everyone loves water-based party games for kids. With hula-hoops as ground targets, kids can fill up and toss water balloons for points. The further the distance, the more points they get for getting their balloons into targets.

10. Count em’ & Cone em’

Kids can be split into two teams and assigned odd & even numbers. They must find cones that are numbered and collect them to earn points. If Team “Odd” picks up a cone with the number 33, then they get +33 points. However, if they pick up a cone with an even number, say 12, then get negative -12 points.

Indoor Games for Learning, Fun Activities, and Teamwork

11. BINGO!

Bingo isn’t just a game about luck, it involves active listening and attention to detail. This is one of the most popular party games for kids, as it gives them a chance to cool off after playing out in the sun. Bingo is also exciting when played in a larger group, with the winner getting a special prize.

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12. Trivia About Their Favorite TV, Book, or Movie Characters

Trivia is also a fun and simple to execute idea as you can find questions online and have them printed out. Kids can get into groups and answer questions while collaborating to find the right answer.

13. Business Talk

This is one of the more unique party games for kids wherein they must start a business and draw their idea on paper. It could be about selling shoes or chocolates or even making a theme park. They can be then asked to list ideas to attract customers, solve everyday challenges, etc.

14. Guess the Pattern

One of the best ways to spark a kid’s sense of curiosity is to encourage them to guess hidden patterns. These can be word based or drawn out visually to showcase undercover patterns. E.g., Amy, Bob, Carol, Doug, (blank). The answer can be Emily.

15. DIY Crafts

Kids can be assigned a challenge and asked to make a DIY solution within a time limit. E.g., make a foldable chair out of cardboard and paper. The challenge can encourage kids to think outside the box and work together to find answers.

16. Lego Forts

This is a perfect way to expand a child’s creativity in a gamified setup. Using Legos, kids can build forts to accomplish specific objectives, such as tallest fort, fastest design, strongest fort, forts that can survive dragon attacks, etc.

17. Touch and Feel Boxes

This is a fun game that requires a cardboard box and some unique props. The props are hidden in the box, and kids must guess what the items are using only their hands. With 30 seconds on the clock, they must use their senses to figure out what the object is.

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18. Socks and Bins

Sock balls can be tossed into laundry bins from a distance to see if the children have an awesome aim. You can add obstructions, fun challenges like left hand only, or ask them to try two balls at a time.

19. Balance Tape

With a tape line placed across the floor, kids can practice their balancing skills by walking perfectly straight for the longest time. You can add challenges, like double lines, walking backward, etc.

20. Floor is Lava

The classic game is hours of fun when played with a group of kids. Anytime a kid says – “The floor is lava”, all the kids must jump onto a resting surface. The winner is the last one left who didn’t get stuck in the lava.

Choosing the Right Game and Making it Exciting

20 Best Fun Party Games for Kids to Have an Amazing Time (2)

Parents shouldn’t focus on the rules of the game too much or be strict with the execution of the activity. It’s all about having fun and enjoying the experience by creating lasting memories. You can use props, funny masks, hats, and other accessories to make even the simplest of games more exciting for kids.

1. Choose Games That Are Right For The Right Age Group

Pre-K kids have different attention spans and energy levels than those in grade 5, which is why selecting an appropriate game is important. Parents can give a couple of choices to their kids to get a sense of what they like and what interests them the most.

2. Focus on Games That Engage Everyone

Some games may ask teams to wait for a turn or pause ongoing play because of complex rules. These games can quickly become disengaging for kids, as they like to be involved and be hands-on with activities.

3. Multisensory Experiences are Always Fun

Games that involve running, solving puzzles, coloring, and tasting, engage multiple parts of the mind, which make them perfect for a long day of fun. It’s smart to schedule physical activities at the start of the day so that kids are focused enough for sitting games that require focus.

Party Games for Kids are Effortless Fun!

20 Best Fun Party Games for Kids to Have an Amazing Time (3)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you entertain kids at home at a party?

Parents can focus on the following areas to keep kids entertained during a party

  • Pick a theme that resonates with them.
  • Encourage kids to actively participate.
  • Play math games through laptops or tablets.
  • Include DIY activities that make kids proud of accomplishments.
  • Encourage active parent-to-kid time.

How do you entertain a 5-year-old at a party?

Younger kids love burning off energy, which means that any game involving props, jumping, running, and climbing will excite them. Having a reward at the end of the activity will also make it more fun.

How do I arrange a birthday party for a 7-year-old?

As kids get older, they develop preferences in themes, activities, and games. If they like certain superheroes, or music choices, then incorporating them as the grand theme will make it special.

How do I make a small birthday party more fun?

A. Smaller birthday parties can be made more fun through more active involvement. Kids want to be deeply involved in processes, ranging from setting up to closure.

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